Breakfast Delight

A spoonful of bee pollen makes the medicine go down… thanks Mary Poppins
7 table spoons of medicine and 1 to make it go down
1 x chia seed (the binding agent, mother of delight)
1 x sunflower seed (can be alternated with pumpkin seeds)
1 x sesame seed (black or white)
1 x broken lin or flax seed (has to be broken otherwise nutrients will flush down the toilet)
1 x hemp seed (nice and crunchy)
1 x hemp hearts (for a delicious nutty flavor)
1 x chopped dried dates, apricots, cranberries, raisins or any other dried fruit (for sweetness)
1 x bee pollen (to make the medicine go down)

Add 2/3 cup of plant based milk, fresh orange juice or home brewed kombucha. Place in fridge overnight. The next day, peel and slice a kiwi. Add any other fruit or berries you like. Enjoy the morning and rep-eat!
Daily Values Breakfast Delight:
Dietary fiber 52.4%
Fat 60% 
Protein 41.8%
Iron 42.4%
Calcium 28%
Magnesium 103.4%
B6 Vitamine 29.4%

I used to treat myself to something nice to eat as a reward. And when I am anxious I restrict myself if it comes to food. I think for a lot of us to eat nice food is a present we give ourselves. And life on a daily bases is just not about receiving presents. The food we take in often is more about convenience, price, habit or because we have to feed ourselves ‘anyway’. 

‘But what about love?’ she asked. 

‘Love is not enough’ he replied.

My Indian yoga teacher years ago opened my eyes with a wise exclamation:’ It’s time to start eating not because it tastes good but because you need building material’. You would say that ended my quest for healthy yet nice food. It didn’t. It marked a beginning. It set me on a journey of exploring with food items and diets, purely to see what they do to my body. How do I feel when I skip this from my diet? What does my body wants me to do when I eat this? Does it want to stretch itself or surf on a couch? Is it wanting to proof it’s strength to me or does it want to sleep?
It got me into a raw and vegan life style for years. Thank the heavens for this adventurous exploration in my own kitchen, not having to travel a mile, yet discovering brand new worlds. Today I am vegan and half raw, till and not including, dinner.  If you ask me why, I say: ‘because I like how it makes me feel’. 
Do I not enjoy the taste of what I eat? That’s where it gets interesting. I’ve put how it makes me feel first and the taste second. I’ve discovered that taste can be acquired and I’ve discovered that a lot of what we think tastes nice actually is conditioned by ourselves. I used to have a sweet tooth. Nowadays when I eat sweetened produce, I am not even talking about refined sugar which I don’t really consume but responsible sweeteners like maple syrup or coconut nectar, the concentrated fructose or glucose content often tastes like it’s too much for me.
When I was pregnant and not vegan yet (‘just only’ vegetarian 😉) I quit eating salt. After a while I didn’t like the taste of it anymore. I enjoyed a soft boiled egg without a sprinkle of salt! That was many years ago. Today I enjoy the taste of salt. But I know and I’ve learned that what tastes nice is much more complex then just the taste of it.
It’s like love. Falling in love is savoring the most delicious thing on earth. Staying in love is a journey. An amazing journey of desire, trial and error.  An exploration of what is possible, necessary, required and unbearable. Discovering these things with one and other is like building our taste buds to crave healthy food. I like my love to be sweet and sometimes I like it raw. I like it complex and deep. And sometimes I like to grab a snack. Slow cooking is beautiful but sometimes I need fast food. And all my cravings for love and food alike are conditioned by my surroundings: the color of the earth I walk, the sound of the rain I hear, the feeling of sun rays on my skin and the smell of a rose petal covered with dew. 
My breakfast delight started with a desire for seeds and reading about how kiwi induces good sleep. While traveling the path of devoting myself to a free of almost anything diet (sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, dairy free, meat free, colorants & additives free and lately nut free) I seek to restructure from Ground Zero. Today I calculate the nutritional content of my default breakfast per it’s daily percentage of our dietary requirements. Selecting ingredients goes carefully and slow like picking blackberries from bushes along hiking trails. Trying not to pinch my fingers, only gathering the ripe ones, searching for the ones that fall into the palm of my hand upon pulling the little soft dark red thing ever so lightly, not forcing it, basically just gesturing it to let go of it’s branch. And then I taste, every late morning savoring my breakfast delight and I slowly adjust every late afternoon while preparing it again for the next day. 
The above conjunction is where we are now.
7% daily fat
20% daily dietary fiber
5% daily protein
9.5 % daily calcium
6.4 % iron
12.6 Magnesium

Fat 11.8 %
Dietary fiber 5.5
Protein 6.3
Iron 4.39
Vit B6 , 9.8%
Magn 12.27%

Fat 11.5%
Protein 5.45
Fiber 7.27
Calcium 14.7
Iron 12.27
Vit B6 ,6%
Mag 13.18

Fat 9.69
Dietary 16.36
Protein 5.45
Calc 3.77
Iron 4.69
Vit B6 , 3.78
Magn 14.84

Fat 9.5
Dietary F 2.1%
Protein 9.6
Iron 6.6 %
B6, 6.96%
Mag 26.5%

Fat 10.3%
Dietary 4.39
Protein 10%
Iron 8%
Magn 24%

Fiber  4%
B6, 2.87%

Author: Reina Hoctin Boes

I rely on e-motion. It's not about the smileys. And yet we live in a digital era where our emotions seem to be annoying attributes to life. Restrained, carefully chosen events to move our senses, are okay. We like to buy our emotions: food, dating sites, concert tickets. The fair exchange for money gives a sense of control over our emotions. Because what if, we freely open up, expose our senses on a daily basis to all that comes around? It means vulnerability. Do we really want to go there? Or do we rather read or fantasize about it? The second part of my life I wish to dedicate to the senses. And as such I'll be re-exploring reality. We say this moment is our life. What is it that this moment beholds? I reckon we haven't got a clue to find out what this moment beholds other then our five senses.

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