Recipe For Simplicity

For quite a while now I didn’t post a recipe. Plus I realize that living in a town as opposed to the outskirts, impacts my daily grocery shopping. These two perceived realities makes me want to write in order to disentangle what’s going on in my life. 

1. In the city vegetables all look and taste the same. Chain supermarkets’ options are so bountyful that they dull the mind. Overexposed and overloaded my mind tries to shut down. ‘Maybe I will start wearing sunglasses in the supermarket’, I say to myself, simply to protect my senses, being at the verge of creating an allergy against whatever intake in general alluringly presents itself to me. Simplicity on show at the grocery shop around the corner where there’s tomatoes and canned peas attracts me more then having to decide between shitake and saffron infused arbolio rice, to name an example of meant to be seductive exotic promises of satisfaction.
2. I find out that my idea of is not so much to mindfully set myself to come up with ‘my recipes’ as might be expected from a recipe blog. To me recipes and food are not just about spitting out lists of ingredients and writing down in exact detail what to do with the ingredients. Since a while, I crave simplicity: simple life, simple cooking, simple joy, simple chores. Maybe just because I want rest. Maybe it goes further then resting my bones. I read the Tao of Pooh. All I want is his Wu Wei and his ‘effortless action’. Let things evolve and develop from their core, no bending, no pointing, no trying. 

I wonder what is the recipe for simplicity. To not ask questions and just accept whatever presents itself? If I try to understand this, putting my logic mind to it, it strikes me how lazy, indifferent and weak acceptance seems to be as opposed to questioning, critisizing, resisting, pulling, pushing and fighting. We are taught not to accept. We are taught to fight for our lives, our jobs and our wants. Which actually strikes me as odd. The taoist and the buddhist lower their voices and turn inside. And what do we Westerners do? Why do we not simply allow, accept and adept?

 I wish to write a recipe for simplicity. My wish is not about the desire to make a recipe known to the world. I desire to write about something I love doing. Because writing increases the joy I derive from whatever it is I am doing. Whether this is cooking, making love or stumbling upon unrecognized beauty.

This PWR blog is a conjunction of the three: ingredients that melt into each other, blend, enforce and eventually transform into something new. Much like the yolks, lemon juice and butter of sauce Hollandais’ emulsification process. My first PWR blog said’pretty woman recipes is about my relationship with food’. It’s like a love affair. Pushing and pulling, adoration and frustration, caring and denial, to name some similarities. Where does that leave acceptance? 

What about your relationship with food? Mine is as complicated as a serious relationship. And sometimes my relationship with food is Extremely Complicated. Child of my time, woman of this world, my relationship with food contains many layers. Similar to the relationship with a partner or a family member which can be very complicated and contains many different layers. Imagine how food actually can or is used and abused by me to meet:
1. Having fun

2. Seek refuge and comfort 

3. Being fed up with

4. Craving companionship to distract from loneliness

5. Finding delight

6. Disengtangle from dependency and attachment through fasting and diet

7. Satisfy desire

8. Sustain mankind

9. Dedicate myself

Much like any other relationship however, the exclusive individualized choice, the variety of pleasing flavors, the promises of good health and happiness are so abundant, that giving up on food really is no option. Clever nature. We need to eat as much as we need to reproduce ourselves for mankind to survive. This might explain how our very nature can cause us to over-value food, adhering magnificent qualities to it. Similar to how we fall in love, over-valueing the significant other, adhering magnificent qualities to her/him. Weird enough in the case of falling in love our society is totally in awe. We adore falling in love and the resulting lack of sense of reality. But when people accidentally over value food, become addicted to either eating too much or abstaining too much, we judge them wrong.

Oh well I stop here.  The pebble is thrown in the pond. Merely to see how far it pushes the expanding perfect circles around, rippling. So far for simplicity…

Author: Reina Hoctin Boes

I rely on e-motion. It's not about the smileys. And yet we live in a digital era where our emotions seem to be annoying attributes to life. Restrained, carefully chosen events to move our senses, are okay. We like to buy our emotions: food, dating sites, concert tickets. The fair exchange for money gives a sense of control over our emotions. Because what if, we freely open up, expose our senses on a daily basis to all that comes around? It means vulnerability. Do we really want to go there? Or do we rather read or fantasize about it? The second part of my life I wish to dedicate to the senses. And as such I'll be re-exploring reality. We say this moment is our life. What is it that this moment beholds? I reckon we haven't got a clue to find out what this moment beholds other then our five senses.

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